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Meet Sherri

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

My life has a similar beginning as most.  I went to a four-year college after high school, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, but knowing I needed a degree to get a good job.  I obtained that degree and got into the criminal justice system, staying in that field until moving to northern Minnesota in 2009.  I worked off and on for the next 10 years in a couple different capacities; being a paralegal at a law firm in Cloquet, and a paraprofessional for the Barnum school district, along with being a homemaker. While I enjoyed each job, none of them felt like my calling.

Like most women, throughout the years, I had tried every diet, diet pill, shakes, plans, etc. out there to try and lose weight.  That magic pill had to be out there somewhere!  I ate all the fat-free, zero calorie, cardboard food products and didn’t lose even one pound!  I was frustrated to say the least and constantly critical of myself and extremely self-conscious. In the early 1990’s I joined a religious “weight loss” program which taught us simple lifestyle changes, behavior modification, and listening to our bodies.  I went back to eating REAL food, gave up the diet mentality, started listening to my body and lost weight without even trying!  It changed my life forever!

It was then while I was at the school district that I began to really think about my career path and what I wanted to do with my life.  I began having some minor, but aggravating and chronic health issues that conventional medicine could not address at the root.  They had me on different prescription medications to “address” the problem.  I began the journey of seeking out naturopathic professionals to help me discover what my chronic conditions stemmed from and how to address them at the root, rather than just cover up the symptoms. This began my passion for researching these health issues common in our society, especially to women.  I also began to make simple lifestyle changes, include regular exercise, and daily spiritual time.

I have always had a passion and love for health and wellness, but it wasn’t until colleagues of mine routinely began asking me for health and wellness advice and suggesting to me that I make a career out of it because I was so good at it, that I even knew it was possible!  I was beginning to put everything together with the health, fitness and overall wellness habit changes in my own life and I discovered my passion to help others do the same!  I then obtained my Health and Life Coaching certifications starting in 2017.

Which brings me to where I am today.  After years of trial and error, I have taken back my health and gotten off all prescription medications for the conditions I previously struggled with. I maintain a healthy weight and full wellness lifestyle.  I got off the crazy diet roller coaster, dropped the diet mentality and eat real food!  I am passionate about helping other women do the same. There is so much freedom in eating real food, making simple swaps, incorporating regular exercise and movement; all without even having to think about it!  It just becomes what you do and how you live.  I believe in moderation and eating for the real world.  The last thing women nowadays needs is one more thing on their to-do list!  I incorporate a mind, body, and soul approach.  You need balance in all three to have complete harmony and peace in your life.  I incorporate things I learned all those years back in the religious group I was in that taught me how to live naturally and free. 

Pap_Sherri_5819_33_PBL (002).jpg

This is my passion!

Join me on this beautiful journey called life! 

Be real.  Be you.

"Sherri helped me with my emotional and physical health. She helped me stay motivated in my health journey and truly wants you to be successful."

Chelsea - Mahtowa, MN
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