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About Healthy Living

Healthy living is more than just what you are eating.  It is what you are thinking, believing, speaking, and doing.  Living healthy is a quality of life.  It is not only eating healthier, but also, exercising regularly, sleeping well, managing stress, having more natural energy, all so you can feel more balanced and be filled with peace and good health for the long-term.

Clients Before and After

When clients first come to me, they are extremely overbooked, have no time management, they are stressed to the maximum, overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, have no peace, have poor relationships, they are not sleeping well, not balanced, unorganized, and feel their life is just chaotic all the time.  They feel they do not have any time for exercise, let alone eating healthy.  They are generally addicted to caffeine, sometimes nicotine, and most definitely, sugar.  They are overwhelmed and burned out.  There is generally no self-care involved at all in their routines and everyone else is on the front burner.  They generally do not have any healthy personal boundaries and cannot say no to anyone, adding to their stress.  They may have high blood pressure and are borderline diabetic.  They have low self-esteem and lack self-confidence.  They sometimes struggle with depression as well.

After we have worked together for a while, they are less cluttered and unorganized and start to feel in control again.  They begin eating healthier and doing more meal planning and prepping.  They begin adding in exercise/movement and feeling accomplished about that.  They start to feel more balanced in their lives, especially the work/home life.  They start sleeping better, communicate better in their relationships, develop self-care routines, are more mindful and purposeful, have better time management and personal boundaries and generally feel calmer and more peaceful.  They begin to lose weight and feel healthier, even reducing or eliminating the risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases.  They begin to reduce and eliminate caffeine and nicotine dependence, as well as sugar. They start saving money and getting off the diet roller coaster, diet mentality and diet products.  They feel free!  They feel more connected in their minds, bodies, and souls!

Lost 40#, down 4 clothing sizes, more energy, new outlook on life

"She believes in what she is doing and wants to help others be the best they can be."

The Healthy Choice

What is better for you you?  A Snicker's Candy Bar or a Clif Protein Bar?

A Snicker's candy bar has 25 g of sugar, all added.  The Clif protein bar has 17 g of sugar, all added. 


What is better for you you?  Gummy Vitamins vs Regular Pill Form Vitamins? 

Gummy vitamins have 6 g of sugar, all added, while regular pill vitamins have zero sugar added. 


What is better for you you?  Plain Greek Yogurt vs Flavored Greek Yogurt?  

Flavored yogurt has 17 g sugar total, 11 added g of sugar.  Plain yogurt has 5 g total, 0 added.  Natural occurring sugars from the milk.   

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