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Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

There are four pillars of health, of which to create and maintain in order to be living a full and healthy life. These four pillars consist of Nutrition, Exercise/Movement, Sleep, and Stress (Management). While you may be doing well in one or two areas, you may be struggling in the other areas, therefore not feeling as well as you could be.

What I have found in my own health journey is that while I was doing well in the nutrition and exercise categories, I was struggling in the sleep category and noticing it was directly related to how I was handling stress, mostly the emotional piece of stress management, and that I also had some stuck trauma and emotional “baggage” in my tissues and organs preventing me from feeling optimal in my health. I also began to experience weight loss resistance and was even beginning to gain weight. I started finding healthy ways to cope better with stress, adding more self-care, going deeper with my spiritual health and time, being gentler with my body in workouts, utilizing things like meditation, tapping, acupuncture, massage, etc. to clear out the emotional baggage and stress from my body, thus allowing the reset and digest parasympathetic system to take over once again, and the healing began.

Now, while I have the references and know the tools to deal with all of this, most people do not, and they turn to unhealthy ways to cope. Putting it all together can be extremely overwhelming to people; therefore, they stay stuck and try to cope in those unhealthy ways. This is where I can help!

Working together, we will give loving attention to each pillar to make sure you are doing the things that will help you get to where you want to be, so you can feel your best!

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