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2022 is the Year of You

Why invest in a Health and Wellness Coach? Can I afford it? Will I see results? Is it worth it when I’ve tried everything else, and nothing has worked permanently? Am I being selfish? These are all great questions to consider when deciding to hire a coach and invest in yourself.

"Like me, I’m sure you’ve also tried every diet and diet product under the sun, and may have even had some results, only to return to your old habits and ways of eating just to gain it all back and then some. Ugh, the frustrating diet roller coaster. Sound familiar?"

Let me begin by explaining why none of those other methods worked permanently. This might be a shocker for you. Hang in there…...these are all just PRODUCTS! They aren’t magic pills that you take and POOF! overnight you magically lose all the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. Products do not help permanently and neither do diets. Diets are deprivation. They focus on the food and not your relationship to the food. Permanent change needs to start with YOU. Your relationship to food. YOUR habits and behaviors keeping you stuck or in a rut.

Real and lasting change happens at three levels. First, you must begin with habit and behavior changes. So how do we change our behavior/habits? Mostly by aligning the right action with good feelings. So that we DO the things that are going to get us the results we want. Secondly, we must start to change our beliefs. What we think to be true about ourselves, others and the world. For example, if I am thinking “I am fat”, I will have to find ways to make my belief true. Beliefs create our experience, and our experience confirms our beliefs. Our internal beliefs must shift to allow the results to stay. For example, say I lose 20 pounds, but my inner beliefs about self conflict and I still think ‘I am fat’, that is what will have to be true! Third, we start to change our identity. This is the constellation of all our beliefs, about who we are in the world, who we believe we can be, what we can do, or what we can have.

So, as you can see, real permanent weight loss and health takes time, care and attention. After years of putting this all together in my own life for permanent weight loss, freedom from the diet roller coaster and products, and being able to just live my life, I have created programs to help you do the same. My passion is in wanting to see people be set FREE!! Some beliefs are deep rooted and may even come from our childhoods and need to be “reprogrammed” in order to move forward and start seeing results. This can, and usually does take some time. It does not happen overnight. But you will NEVER have to “diet” again!! That is priceless! No more wasting thousands of dollars on products that give you temporary success. No more deprivation or starvation diets! The “diet” companies have made a FORTUNE from us. Let’s not keep making them richer!

Give yourself the gift of health and wellness this new year. Permanent weight loss and easy weight management can be yours! Give yourself the gift that will last the rest of your life! You are worth it! With me as your coach, you will have the support and accountability that leads to permanent change. You will actually save money in the long run! Be Real. Be You.

Be Real. Be You!

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