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Reset Your Digestive System

What do you think of when you hear the word digestion? For most, we think of the stomach and how it processes what we eat. While this is correct, it is only part of the story.

Digestion is not only the actual food we put into our bodies, but how are you “digesting” life? Do you know that how you process stress can also greatly affect your gut and microbiome? What this boils down to is if your gut flora is unbalanced, you will have problems with things like inflammation, weight gain and weight loss resistance, sleep disturbances, and the list goes on. Even the healthy things you ingest and take will not help because your gut will be too hostile of an environment for those vitamins and nutrients to survive. All disease begins in the gut!

We have a second brain in our gut that is linked directly to the brain in your head. If you are chronically stressed, thinking negatively, talking negatively, and depressed, guess what? Your gut will get those signals directly also, and you will have poor health. This is incredibly frustrating and defeating. In order to get both working well, we need to start managing stress well and working on resetting the microbiome and flora in the gut simultaneously. This is extremely important to get everything working together for optimal health. We must make a biochemical shift, along with an emotional shift in order to optimize good health and wellness.

We will work on this together by making the gut a more friendly environment for nutritious things to be able to thrive and create better health. Without a healthy mind and gut, your efforts will be in vain. By creating a better stress management and self-care action plan, adding in things to make the gut a healthier environment and some simple lifestyle changes, weight loss, better sleep, more energy, more joy and better thinking can be yours! How do you eat an elephant? One. Bite. At. A. Time.

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