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Set Health and Wellness Goals

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to LOSE WEIGHT! This year I’m going to do it!

Sound familiar?! You’re not alone if this is your New Year’s Resolution…..year after year. The problem is when we make “resolutions” we are resolving to change something that we consider is “bad” about ourselves. So, we start, mess up, give up and feel like a failure because we didn’t make the resolution again.

Then we feel worse about ourselves and start self-sabotaging and turning to those unhealthy things we “resolved” to give up in the first place! What a vicious cycle!

There is a better way! Working with a Health Coach, you make healthy and attainable goals. The reason it works is the accountability and one on one support you don’t have trying to do it on your own. A Coach helps you set achievable goals in sizable chunks so you can be successful and get off the “New Year’s Resolution” crazy cycle!

Goals should be well defined, in writing, stated in the positive, have a deadline, have sincere emotional appeal, and be challenging, but realistic. A Coach helps you with all of these steps and then holds you accountable, so you achieve those goals!

Make this the year you RESOLVE not to make a RESOLUTION! Set up a session with me and we’ll create realistic goals and help you achieve them in a fun and much easier way!

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